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On selecting MEL for my MSc there was only one criterion: if you can join the top, why bother with second best.

Martin Ilmer

The most comprehensive and advanced MSc programme by one of the world’s best Universities. I couldn’t believe we would be choosing among top international jobs even before finishing the course, or taking internships at prestigious companies all over the world (in my case Nathan Associates, USA), while writing our thesis.

Eduardo Greco

MEL was a unique experience. Friendships and business contacts will last. The MSc has certainly helped my career.

Torben Wagner

My year with MEL has been a memorable one. I have met people with diverse backgrounds, personalities, and with different expectations from life. I personally wouldn't have made it to the end of the year without the enthusiasm and the willingness to share and to support each other.

It has been a challenging year, demanding in terms of time, knowledge and execution. One had to adapt to this new environment and quickly dive into the work with the obligation to perform at his/her best. But I personally not only enjoyed the challenge, but also gained in different aspects of my personality and career prospects. Thanks also to our rich corporate network.

The challenge and the pressure last only until the last day. This is probably the reason why MEL graduates within the industry are well known for their spirit, dedication and open mindset.

I have made amazing friends this year with whom I've shared the good and bad times and I have no doubt our career path will cross again someday and somewhere in this world.

William Douni

MEL provides the perfect boost for a promising career in shipping.

Vasilis Chatzipanagiotis

The programme's extensive Corporate Network has enabled me to create valuable contacts with people in the industry, from the largest shipbroking companies to shipping banks.

Kazuo Uezumi

MEL opened the door to the fascinating world of maritime economics and econometrics through the charismatic teaching of Professor Haralambides and Professor Franses.

Sebastien Renaud

Studying at MEL gave me the opportunity to meet and work with people from almost all the continents of the world and by succeeding in this challenging and demanding program to cultivate my soul and spirit from a single stone to an invaluable mosaic. I am also very grateful to MEL that I’ve met really interesting and important personalities of the shipping industry, from professors to businessmen. In my opinion, MEL is a must-choice for a promising career.

Christos Varias