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The MSc in Maritime Economics and Logistics (MEL) is a unique, postgraduate/post-experience international programme offered by one of the world’s top universities, at the shipping, transport and logistics heart of Europe, aimed at advancing promising young professionals into the future general managers, executives and leaders of the maritime sector.

Rotterdam is among the world’s largest ports, and, by far, the undisputed European champion, as a global maritime hub. By general recognition, the Netherlands, the gateway to Europe, is at the forefront of innovation in transport and logistics. The country’s shipping policy offers companies one of the most attractive business environments in Europe, successfully challenging all traditional shipping centers. Erasmus, Rotterdam’s own university, is at the very center of all this, distilling the country’s knowledge infrastructure in its MSc course in Maritime Economics and Logistics.

MEL is the only course of its kind that combines shipping, ports, terminal management, maritime logistics, finance and economics in the academic environment of two of Europe’s top Schools: The Erasmus School of Economics and Rotterdam School of Management. Along with academic excellence, MEL strives to achieve a fine balance between theory and practice to enhance the competitive edge of MEL students. This is assured by the involvement of our Corporate and Alumni Network. Through (executive) guest lectures, seminars and company visits, MEL students are continuously confronted with the preconceptions of ‘conventional wisdom’ and learn how to place them in their proper and wider economic perspective. These extra features not only provide you the opportunity to understand the maritime sector in the real world, it also offers you the opportunity to network. The Alumni show steady and good career advancements through the years. As such, our Corporate and Alumni Network are a useful tool for MEL students in pursuing employment opportunities.

Join MEL, obtain real understanding and know-how of the maritime sector and advance your career!

I trust that this website answers your questions about MEL, and I look forward to welcoming you to Rotterdam and to our University.

Dr. Larissa van der Lugt
MEL Managing Director

Below, please find a delightful video about the Programme, which we hope will ignite enthusiasm in future students giving them an idea of what’s to come.