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Prof. Veenstra is scientific director of the Dutch Institute for Advanced Logistics, Dinalog, and part-time professor in International Trade Facilitation and Logistics at the Technical University Eindhoven. He was senior business consultant at TNO from 2011 to 2014. 

Prof. Veenstra has extensive experience in the field of multimodal freight transport and synchromodality as well as in international freight transport and logistics. He was part of the scientific coordination team of a large integrated project in the 7th framework research program of the EU: CASSANDRA; this project dealt with innovation in compliance of businesses in international trade with rules and regulations of customs and other government agencies. He is part of several (informal) networks that determine the research agenda for the European Commission FP7 program, as well as vice chair of Working Group 1 (Supply Chain Management) of the European Technology Platform Alice. He is also part of the steering committee on synchromodality of the Dutch Topsector Logistics and associate editor of the journal Transportation Research Vol. E.