The MEL Office is pleased to introduce to you the new MEL Alumni Community. As a MEL Alumni, you are a part of a diverse and exclusive community connected by a shared experience.

The MEL Alumni Community aims to strengthen and foster (new) relations between all MEL Alumni and will help the global network of MEL Alumni to stay socially and professionally connected, up to date and involved.

As a registered member on the MEL Alumni Community website you have access to your personal profile where you can update your personal and professional information. By actively participating in the Community, you can expand your network, showcase your experience and knowledge, learn from others, and much more.

You have the possibility by keeping your fellow alumni posted on your projects by sharing your personal and professional news on your class’ activity feed. Looking to learn more about a specific discussion, situation or experience? Take advantage of the knowledge of your fellow MEL Alumni and post your questions to the forum and ask your fellow-alumni to share their thoughts and experiences. Want to share your news or events with the whole community? Please go to the ‘News & Events’ page and submit the news article or event you would like to share.

The MEL Alumni Community website does not only offer you the platform to be connected to your classmates, but also connects you to the MEL Alumni currently living and/or working in your region. Contact your Region Coordinator to get in touch with other MEL Alumni living or working close to you, to initiate MEL reunions or other MEL Alumni activities. Visiting a region for business or pleasure and would like to meet up with other MEL Alumni? Contact that Region’s Coordinator.

As said, the MEL Alumni Community not only aims to strengthen relations, but also wishes to develop and foster new relations between MEL Alumni. The Class Reports will give you an idea of the educational and professional experience of the new MEL Students and can also be used to select a student whom you would like to mentor or would like to invite for a possible job- or internship interview.